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Shivi CFA® Level II Prep

Committed to Excellence

Shivi CFA® Level 2 prep course is taught by our founder Mr.Shivi, a University of Cambridge alum. The course is well designed for a student to pass the CFA® Level 2 exam in the first attempt

CFA® Level II Prep

Clear Direction, Better Approach, Best Results

  • Our team will help you in all aspects from the registration of the exam, to the preparation and finally passing the CFA® Level 2 exam

  • CFA® Class for numerical solving and Q&A

  • 150+ hours of online lecture videos.

  • 700+ Lecture Slides for perfect review

  • Specialized Notes helping our students to remember the key concepts 

  • Multiple Doubt Session 

  • Formula Sheets in each chapter included

  • Numerous quizzes at the end of each learning outcomes and chapters

  • Live CFA® Level 2 Mock Exam (computer based) 

  • And, many more prep materials

  • Mode of instruction: 2 options available: a) English only  and b) Hindi/English

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

         Shivi CFA® Level II Prep

      Discounted Offer Price: $300       

       Original Course Price $400  

  • LIVE CFA® numerical (based) class 

  • LIVE Q&A

  • Recommended Study Hours = 150 hrs

  • 700+ slides of lecture study notes

  • Recorded Video Lesson = 150 hours

  • Formula Sheets - Provided

  • Quizzes - Free

  • Mock Exams - Free

            Kaplan Schweser


  • LIVE CFA class

  • LIVE Q&A

  • Recommended Study Hours = 300 hrs 

  • 5 books

  • Recorded video lectures

  • Formula Sheets

  • Quizzes

  • Mock Exams

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