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Study in Australia

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Top Universities in Australia

As a professional Educational Consultant, I and my team are ready to guide you every step of the way. My students see the benefits of working with us and have reached the top universities in Australia.


University of Melbourne

One of our counsellor have studied from the University of Melbourne. More than 12,000 international students are enrolled at it. You can get a place there, if you have the right profile and an application improved from our counsellor.


Australian National University

It is located in Canberra, Australia’s capital city and seat of government. It counts six Nobel prizewinners among its faculty and alumni, and is even run by a Nobel laureate. A great place to kickstart your educational journey.


University of Sydney

Many of our student clients have chosen this university. Currently, 45,000 students attend the University of Sydney, representing some 134 nations. About 280 overseas exchange programmes are in place with more than 30 countries.


University of Queensland

UQ has about 39,000 students enrolled, including 12,000 international students from 141 countries. It also has one of Australia’s largest postgraduate student population. A good application can get you in at this renowed university.



There are more than 52,000 students at the university, including 13,000 international students from 130 countries. A student with true dedication to study at UNSW can get an admission with a well written essay & a good application.


The University of Adelaide

It is a public university located in Adelaide. Second most demanding university from our student clients. The university focuses on ‘discovering new knowledge’, ‘pursuing innovation’ and ‘preparing the educated leaders of tomorrow.


Monash University

One of eight leading research universities in Australia. Students can choose from more than 6,000 course across 10 faculties. So if you have a dream course to study, you can well find it in Monash University.


University of Canberra

The University is young when compared to other Australian universities. It has all the resources a student needs to be successful. So, if you are someone who who want to get value for your investment, this is one such university.

Bachelor's in Australia

Eligibility Criteria for Post-Secondary Education (after Class 12) in Australia:

The fundamental criteria are determined by the study programmes and levels. The following are the bare minimums:

1. 12th standard certificate (ISC/CBSE)

2. TOEFL - 61 (varies with university)​

3. SOP - Statement of Purpose

For more information, please contact Team Shivi.

The actual criteria may vary between universities. To learn more, contact us or schedule a free consultation.

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Master's in Australia

Eligibility Criteria for Post-graduate/ Master's (after college) in Australia.

The fundamental criteria are determined by the study programmes and levels. The following are the bare minimums:

1. Undergraduate education/degree

2. TOEFL - 78+ (varies with university)​


4. LOR's, CV, SOP (Statement of purpose)

For more information, please contact Team Shivi.

The actual criteria may vary between universities. To learn more, contact us or schedule a free consultation.


What are the minimum prerequisites and qualifications for studying in Australia?

Educational requirements differ from one institute to the next. It is thus advisable to consult with one of our counselors to help guide you.

Documents Required for Student Visa for Australia

Students can determine which documents are necessary using the tool offered on the DIBP website. We are providing you with all of the documents that may be requested under the Streamlines and Regular Evidentiary documentation categories. Because the application is only available online, students must have scanned copies of all of the papers listed ready before beginning their application. Please keep in mind that the list of Regular Evidentiary Documents is separate from the documents needed for SSVF processing.

  • Valid Passport - Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in Australia.

  • Non-immigrant Visa Application

  • Application fee payment receipt

  • Confirmation of Enrolment Form (COE) - To obtain a visa to study in Australia you must be fully enrolled in an Australian institution and receive a “Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)”. These forms are issued by the Australian institution you will be attending. The forms are usually issued after the tuition fees have been received.

  • Acceptance letter from your host university, this will include the proposed study plan

  • Overseas health insurance receipt (OSHC)

  • Recent Digital photographs

  • Transcripts, diplomas, degrees, or certificates from schools you attended

  • English Language Test Scores

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)

  • Evidence of Financial Capacity

How and When to Apply for Australian Student Visa

You have a maximum of 124 days to apply for an Australian Student Visa before the start of your study. You can also go to Australia up to 90 days before the start of your study.

In accordance with the new SSVF Guidelines. The application for an Australian student visa is completed entirely online. Here are the measures you must take.

  • Create and log into your ImmiAccount before beginning an online application.

  • Applicants must complete the visa application form for the visa subclass in which they are qualified to apply. (Student eVisa applications can be lodged on behalf of students by education agencies and Registered Migration Agents (RMAs) based in India who are registered to utilise the student online lodgement option.)

  • You'll need to enter into your ImmiAccount once more to track your application. You can use your account to upload documents, modify passport information, email and address information, and track the status of your application.

  • Each online application is assigned a Transaction Reference Number (TRN), which is a unique number. You'll need it to keep track of and manage your application, figure out when you need to contact the visa centre, and verify your visa eligibility.

Can students work during studies in Australia?

Students holding subclass 500 visas are permitted to work 40 hours per week during the school year and full-time during holidays. Doctoral students are permitted to work full-time throughout the academic year.

How can I arrange for an AUS visa medical examination?

You can get your medical checkup done from a list of doctors on an Australian government-recommended panel.

Contact Team SHIVI if you have more questions. 

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