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Shivi CFA® Level I Prep

Committed to Excellence

Shivi CFA® Level 1 prep course is taught by our founder Mr.Shivi, a University of Cambridge alum. The course is well designed for a student to pass the CFA® Level 1 exam in the first attempt

CFA® Level I Prep

Clear Direction, Better Approach, Best Results

  • Our team will help you in all aspects from the registration of the exam, to the preparation and finally passing the CFA® Level 1 exam

  • CFA® Class for numerical solving and Q&A

  • 150+ hours of online lecture videos.

  • 700+ Lecture Slides for perfect review

  • Specialized Notes helping our students to remember the key concepts 

  • Multiple Doubt Session 

  • Formula Sheets in each chapter included

  • Numerous quizzes at the end of each learning outcomes and chapters

  • Live CFA® Level 1 Mock Exam (computer based) 

  • And, many more prep materials

  • Mode of instruction: 2 options available: a) English only  and b) Hindi/English



World-Class Faculty

Learn from the accomplished teachers with an in-depth understanding of the subject.

LIVE Classes

Learn concepts, practice questions & get your doubts cleared instantly in the LIVE Classes.

AI based curriculum

Educate yourself with the top-notch study material designed by the EXPERTS.

Quiz & Assignments

Practice chapter-wise Quizzes & solve Assignments to learn and revise concepts.

Video Lectures

Learn through high-quality & easy to understand video lectures. Recorded lectures available for later view.

Student Discussion Forum

Get access to 24*7 Live Discussion group with batchmates & faculties.

Affordable Fee Structure

Learn from the best in the industry with an affordable payment plan.

Online & Offline Video Lectures

Learn even when you are offline through our in-app video lectures.

Alert & Notification

Learn from the comprehensive & interactive course content.

This channel is coming soon!

Free Prep Materials

Available for Download

Balance Sheet

Complete Balance Sheet from Financial Reporting and Analysis topic is provided in this file.

Formula Sheet

The formula's used in the Balance Chapter is provided in this file.

Demand and Supply

Complete Demand and Supply sub-topic from Economics topic is provided in this file.

Student Testimonials

99% of my student passed in 1st attempt
What My Student Have to Say

Shivi helped me learn from scratch, never imagined to pass my level 1 in first attempt. Their prep courses are 1/3rd the price being offered by other prep providers. Thank you Shivi!

S. Agarwal, India

Shivi team is knowledgeable, helpful, and cooperative. All the prep materials provided by Shivi are enough to pass the CFA® level 1. Good luck everyone!

K. Warner, UK

Being a professional working in Finance industry, I would encourage every individual enroll in Shivi prep course. I was able to pass my CFA® Level 1 with their help. Worth the price of money.

Ross Smith, USA

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

         Shivi CFA® Level I Prep

      Offer Price: Rs. 20,000/-        

  • LIVE CFA® numerical (based) class 

  • LIVE Q&A

  • Recommended Study Hours = 150 hrs

  • 700+ slides of lecture study notes

  • Recorded Video Lesson = 150 hours

  • Formula Sheets - Provided

  • Quizzes - Free

  • Mock Exams - Free

            Kaplan Schweser

                  Rs. 100,000 +

  • LIVE CFA class

  • LIVE Q&A

  • Recommended Study Hours = 300 hrs 

  • 5 books

  • Recorded video lectures

  • Formula Sheets

  • Quizzes

  • Mock Exams

            Princeton Review

                     Rs. 45,000/-

  • NO LIVE CFA class


  • Recommended Study Hours = 120 hrs

  • 700 slides of lecture study notes

  • Recorded Video Lesson = Only 50 hours

  • NO  Formula Sheets

  • NO Quizzes

  •  $40 Extra for 1 Mock Exam

Shivi Family

Be a part of our family

We will not only help you to pass the CFA® exam but will help you find a job as well. On your successful completion of the CFA® exam, we will provide you a valuable industry professional's who will help you land a job in the Finance industry. We host networking events throughout the year for our students.


A. Grover



How to pay and access for the entire CFA® Level I Prep course?

Please open this page for details:

This page illustrate an example and the entire steps.

Where do you hold your teaching sessions?

All our teaching courses are online based, so you can access all our course materials at the convenience of your doorstep. All our course materials can be accessed via website or mobile app using the username and password created during the registration process.

How can we ask our doubts?

There are multiple LIVE Doubt session in which our tutors will be present to solve your doubts and answer any other general questions about the exam.

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