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FAQ 1: How can an Indian student get into NYU?

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

"Aditi's Journey to New York University: How Shivi Study Abroad Made it Possible"

Aditi always dreamed of studying at New York University, but the thought of navigating the complex and competitive application process seemed daunting. That's when she discovered Shivi Study Abroad, a company founded by Shivi, a former international student and University of Cambridge & UI alumnus, who understands the struggles and challenges of applying to universities abroad.

With the help of Shivi Study Abroad, Aditi was able to put together a strong application that highlighted her unique strengths and experiences. But the support didn't stop there. Shivi personally guided Aditi through the entire process, from preparing for standardized tests and interviews to finalizing her application materials.

The dedication and personal attention Aditi received from Shivi and team were instrumental in her acceptance to New York University. But the benefits of working with Shivi Study Abroad go beyond just getting into a top university. Aditi also gained valuable insights and skills that will serve her well in her academic and professional pursuits.

Shivi Study Abroad is more than just a company, it's a community of students and professionals who are dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams. If you're considering studying abroad, we highly recommend working with Shivi and team. They will not only help you get into the university of your choice but also support you throughout your journey.


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