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FAQ: How can I get admission into the University of Cambridge as an undergraduate Indian student?

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Vikash's Dream Comes True: How Shivi Study Abroad Helped Him Reach the University of Cambridge

Vikash's dream of studying at the prestigious University of Cambridge seemed out of reach until he met Shivi, the founder of Shivi Study Abroad. Shivi, a former international student and University of Cambridge alumnus himself, understood the difficulties and challenges of the application process and was determined to help Vikash achieve his goal.

With Shivi's guidance and support, Vikash was able to craft a compelling application that showcased his unique strengths and experiences. But Shivi's help didn't stop there. He personally mentored Vikash through every step of the process, from preparing for standardized tests and polishing his interview skills to finalizing his application materials.

Thanks to Shivi's dedication and personal attention, Vikash received the acceptance letter he had been dreaming of. But the benefits of working with Shivi Study Abroad extend far beyond just getting into a top university. Vikash not only gained valuable knowledge and skills but also a mentor and friend who will continue to support him in his academic and professional pursuits.

If you're considering studying abroad, we highly recommend reaching out to Shivi and his team at Shivi Study Abroad. They will not only help you get into your dream university but also be a support system for you throughout your journey.



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