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Requirement's for studying Bachelor's in the UK?

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Eligibility Criteria for Post-Secondary Education (after Class 12) in the United Kingdom:

The fundamental criteria are determined by the study programme and levels. The following are the bare minimums:

1. The student must be at least 18 years old. 2. For Science and Commerce, 12th-grade marks of 70 to 80 percent or higher are required. 3. A minimum of 65 percent in Humanities on the 12th grade. 4. Students with less than a 60% average can still be admitted. 5. English language proficiency is required (details provided below).

For more information, please contact Team Shivi.

The actual criteria may vary between universities. To learn more, contact us or schedule a free consultation.

The score conversion matrix is provided below:

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