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UK post-study work visa or Graduate Visa changes - What should students know?

The UK government, under the leadership of recently appointed Home Secretary James

Cleverly, has revealed plans to review post-study work visas as part of a comprehensive strategy to control immigration.

Cleverly, addressing the House of Commons, outlined a five-point plan that will result in

  1. 300,000 fewer individuals eligible to enter the country.

  2. Length of the post-study will be reduce from 2 years to 6 months.

  3. Minimum salary for Skilled Worker visa increased to: GBP 38,700 (previously GBP 18,600).

  4. Prohibited from bringing family members to the UK.

  5. International arrivals will also be unable to switch from the student route into the work route before their studies have been completed.

The detail changes to the Graduate Visa route will be outlined later.

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